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Milktronics is specialized in online instruments such as Turbidity meters, Absorption meters and Refractometers for Water consumption reduction, Phase transition, CIP improvement, Ultra Filtration, Polisher, Clarifier, Waste water, % solids, colorimeter . We distribute Satron instruments , K-patent and LaMotte technology in USA .
Milktronics covers the whole dairy process from inlet to waste water. Turbidity is the way to go, don't waste time and money in trying to optimize the timers and conductivity meters ... too many parameters! Optical meters are always precise, inexpensive and ROI is within 3-4 weeksl!!

Wastewater Instrumentation
Wastewater Instrumentation
Milktronics offer a wide selection of instruments to fit any waste water process.
Waste Water Applications
-Inlet Loading Control
-Sedimentation Control
-Filter Control
-Oil in Water Detection
-TOC Monitoring
-APHA, Hazen Measurements
-SAK-254 (COD) Measurements
-Solids Concentration Monitoring
-Interface Detection (Sludge/Water)
-Sludge Concentration Monitoring

Brewery Instrumentation
Brewery Instrumentation
Brewery Applications  
-Water Quality 
-Wort Clarity throughout Brewhouse 
-Trub Carryover 
-Wort Color 
-Wort Concentration in Kettle Condensate 
-Wort/Water Interface 
-Wort Carryover in Cooling Water 
-Precise Yeast Pitching 
-Fermentation Characterization 
-Yeast/Beer Interface 
-Yeast Separator Loading Control 
-Yeast Carryover 
-Yeast Collection 
-Yeast Separator Feed & Centrate Control 
-Beer Clarity/Haze Monitoring 
-Precise Beer Color 
-Final Beer Turbidity 
-Color Removal Monitoring
-Beer/Water/Beer Interface Detection 
-Sanitizer Concentration 
-Waste Water/BOD Loading 
-Waste Sludge Processing