Best Turbidity, Absorption and Refractometer online analyzers on the market.
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Milktronics is specialized in online instruments such as Turbidity meters, Absorption meters and Refractometers for CIP improvement, UF, Polisher, Clarifier, Waste water, phase transition, color . We distribute Satron instruments , K-patent and LaMotte technology all over the USA . We carry also Pressure, differential pressure transmitters and rotary service valves PASVE for pH probes. 

Wastewater Instrumentation
Wastewater Instrumentation
Milktronics offer a wide selection of instruments to fit any waste water process.
Waste Water Applications
-Inlet Loading Control
-Sedimentation Control
-Filter Control
-Oil in Water Detection
-TOC Monitoring
-APHA, Hazen Measurements
-SAK-254 (COD) Measurements
-Solids Concentration Monitoring
-Interface Detection (Sludge/Water)
-Sludge Concentration Monitoring

Brewery Instrumentation
Brewery Instrumentation
Brewery Applications  
-Water Quality 
-Wort Clarity throughout Brewhouse 
-Trub Carryover 
-Wort Color 
-Wort Concentration in Kettle Condensate 
-Wort/Water Interface 
-Wort Carryover in Cooling Water 
-Precise Yeast Pitching 
-Fermentation Characterization 
-Yeast/Beer Interface 
-Yeast Separator Loading Control 
-Yeast Carryover 
-Yeast Collection 
-Yeast Separator Feed & Centrate Control 
-Beer Clarity/Haze Monitoring 
-Precise Beer Color 
-Final Beer Turbidity 
-Color Removal Monitoring
-Beer/Water/Beer Interface Detection 
-Sanitizer Concentration 
-Waste Water/BOD Loading 
-Waste Sludge Processing