Haze, Turbidity, Absorption, Viscosity and Refract meters 
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Milktronics is specialized in online instruments such as UV NIR Absorption and Refracto meters. Water consumption reduction, Phase transition, CIP improvement, Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis RO, COW Condensate of Whey, Waste water, % solids BRIX, color. We distribute Satron instruments, Schmidt-Haensch, Hydramotion and LaMotte technologies in USA. 
Milktronics serves the food and beverage, dairies, pulp and paper, chemical, sugar, fresh food, waste water plants.

Turbidity Phase transition TSS
Turbidity Phase transition TSS
  • Pre rinse CIP improvement, 
  • Fluid consistency, 
  • Milk FAT, 
  • Cream separator, 
  • Water push optimization
  • Juices consistency, 
  • Greek yogurt, 
  • Yeast growth
  • Yogurt color.
  • Fruit consistency in Milk
  • HAZE control online
  • RO COW UF Chill water Whey Beer Filtration HAZE
    RO COW UF Chill water Whey Beer Filtration HAZE
    • COW Condensate of whey water monitoring 5 NTU, 
    • Reverse osmosis RO monitoring 5 NTU, 
    • Chill water contamination monitoring
    • Phase transition detection, pre rinse stop
    • Fruit consistency
    • Ultra filtration
    • Crystallization
    • Evaporate control
    • Permeate water polisher 5 NTU.
    • HAZE control
    • Opacity control
    Refract index online BRIX
    Refract index online BRIX
    • Perfect for BRIX, Salt, Sugar, Moisture, Milk, Ultra filtration
    • Permanent real-time concentration measurement
    • Highest resolution and precision
    • For applications with very low solid concentrations
    • Stand-alone sensor with integrated electronic
    • Configurable digital switches
    • Sample temperatures up to 150 °C
    • User defined scales programmable
    • Liquid based or ultrasonic cleaning devices
    Online viscosity meter
    Online viscosity meter
    COD/BOD estimation on effluent
    COD/BOD estimation on effluent
    • Online COD, protein leak detection, CIP improvement.
    • Install In pipe or in sewer very easy to use and install. 
    • In dairies COD correlates with Turbidity.
    • 4-20mA output, 
    • Stainless 316L cable, 
    • 100% water, acid proof.
    • NIR, VIS available
    • HART protocol, 4-20mA output
    • NTU FTU g/L % ppm
    Rotary service valve
    Rotary service valve
    • Video of the functioning click here: Service rotary valve video of the functioning
    • Rotary valve adapted for Turbidity, pH and pressure probes.
    • Easy pH probe removal during production
    • Automatic rotation and cleaning
    • pH probe lifetime extended
    • Calibration intervals reduced
    • Satron Inst Patent
    Absorption low turbidity or color
    Absorption low turbidity or color
    Range 0-5-10...1500NTU
    Available wavelength: NIR (880nm) , Blue (460 nm), UV (365nm)

    Easy calibration with 1 or multiple standards.

    Code: VOF
    Level and pressure transmitters
    Level and pressure transmitters
    For level transducers click here: Level / Pressure meters

    For differential pressure meters click here:Differential pressure transmitters

    Retractable Turbidity sensors
    Retractable Turbidity sensors