Online Turbidity and Absorption meters

High quality Instrumentation for Food and beverage, Waste water, chemical, sugar plant, pulp and paper.
Milktronics is a company specialized in hygienic suspended solids sensors for process. We are committed to helping our customers optimize their process while reducing operating costs by offering sensors with new technology using optical measurement.

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Turbidity sensor SMART

  • Range : 0-15000 FTU/NTU
  • High pressure process 435 PSI/ 30 bar
  • Tri-clamp built-in technology available (no thread)
  • LED technology (long life)
  • High temperature option available 300°F 150°C
  • Deviation 0,1%
  • Robust, 100% Stainless 316L, reliable, no plastic, no recalibration, no cleaning, no deviation!
  • HART protocol


  • CIP improvement, product phase separationclarifier outlet monitoring, lactoferrin, permeate monitoring, FAT monitoring, milk in glycol, condansate monitoring, biomass in fermenter, centrifuge clarifier outlet monitoring, COD online, wood fiber consistancy, waste-wateroil in water, Brewing Yeast Management
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Absorption Hygienic Turbidity sensor SMART

  • Turbidity range Range : 0-50 FTU/NTU,    0-1500 FTU/NTU
  • Sensor comes with Tuchenhagen Varivant pipe
  • Plug and play system
  • High temperature option available 300°F  150°C
  • Deviation 0,1%
  • Robust, 100% Stainless 316L, reliable, no plastic, no recalibration, no cleaning, no deviation!

Protein level monitoring, phase detection, Leaks, calcium clarifier, separator, filtration.....



Absorption sensor VOF SMART

-Consistency Transmitter
-Turbidity range: 0-1500 FTU/NTU
-Comes with any coupling 
-Retractable sensor
-High temperature option available 300°F  150°C



Sewer sensor measurement head. 100% water proof

Turbidity sensor remote probe SMART

Backscterring Turbidity range : 0-15000 FTU/NTU
Absorption Turbidity range: 0-1500 FTU/NTU

The probe is water and acid proof. The cable can be PUR or AISI316L.



LaMotte 2020We Portable Turbidimeter

1970-EPA 2020we Turbidity Meter EPA Kit Price: 850.00 $US
1970-ISO 2020wi Turbidity Meter ISO Kit Price: 850.00 $US


LaMotte LTC3000 we/wi Turbidity, Color, and Chlorine Meter

1972-EPA LTC-3000we Kit, EPA Version 1,350.00
1972-ISO LTC-3000wi Kit, ISO Version 1,350.00


LaMotte Smart 3 portable colorimeter

1910 SMART3 Colorimeter  Price: 850.00 $US

LaMotte SMART Spectrophotometer

2000-01 SMART Spectrophotometer Price: 1,650.00US$

LaMotte SMART water analysis lab SLC-05

SMART3 Water Lab, SCL-04 w/o pH & Conductivity Meters
SMART3 Water Lab, SCL-05