CIP prerinse return line

CIP improvement return line first rinse

Application Description
The location of the sensor is on the return line before the drain valve. When the CIP starts a water product mix flows in the pipe.
The turbidity sensor will detect when to stop flushing.
The first rinse can be improved by removing the timers
and replaced them with online turbidity sensors.
Milktronics Solution
The online sensor continuously sends a 4-20mA signal to the PLC.
This signal depends on the turbidity of the fluid. Once the water is detected it is not necessary to rinse anymore therefore the stop flushing signal is sent by the PLC. If during the acid wash some product is detected the flow will be diverted in order not to contaminate the acid tank. The technology is robust and doesn’t require any maintenance. You can communicate with the sensor thanks to a HART link. Fully stainless, IP67 or 68, EPDM Viton or Kalrez seals will ensure many years of trouble free.