Digital handheld refractometer – Brixmeter

Digital handheld refractometer – Brixmeter

Very nice Brix handheld! Very robust!



Perfect refractometer for field analysis
Application specific scales
Suitable for hot samples
Modern and practical design
Easy handling
Digital handheld refractometer for directly display the measured values in terms of dry matter. Two models (measuring ranges) are available.
Measurement of liquid media from low to high viscosity. Handy design, simple operation, reliable, automatic temperature compensated brix value within +10 to 70 °C.

Main specifications

Measuring scales Different models available
Sucrose (%Brix)
% water in honey
others on request
Measuring range DHR-FR1: 0 - 85 %Brix
DHR-H1: 13 - 25 % (Water in honey)
DHR-C1: 0 - 20 % (Coffee quality)
others on request
Resolution 0,1 %Brix / 0,1 %
Precision ± 0,2 %Brix
Reproducibility 0,1 %Brix
Measurement mode Single sample


Ambient temperature +10 - +40 °C
Temperature measurement internal temperature sensor
Temperature control sample No temperature regulation
Temperature compensation Brix 0 - +70 °C

Additional information

Prism Glass
Light source/wavelength LED, interference filter 589 nm
Display One-line display
Operation function keys


Standards ASTM AOAC, DIN, others