Satron microwave total solids sensor
Satron VSS Online Microwave

Satron VSS Online Microwave




Perfect for suspended solids monitoring, Total solids.

-Waste water, Milk standardization, Sugar crystallization

Operating power Sensor 24V, 2 Amps
Microwave power 15 mW
Measuring range 0-90Brix, as long as material is pump able
Repeatability +/- 0.01 % concentration
Sensitivity +/-0.001% concentration
Filtering 1 – 300s

Process conditions:
pH range 3 – 11,  Temperature 0 – 140° C , Min. pressure 1.5 bar to avoid free air
Max. pressure PN25, Conductivity Max. 13mS/cm, Vibration Max. 20 m/s2 10-2000Hz

Housing IP65, Temperature 0 – +140° C,
Protection needed in case of direct heat source

Hygienic versions:
The clean-ability and sterilizing capabilities with VARINLINE® housings, for CIP and SIP processes, ensure that hygienic requirements are met for food and beverage industries needs as well as those for pharmaceutical and chemical processing.