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5 NTU reverse osmosis

5 NTU reverse osmosis

Very sensitive to any contamination. The Calibration 0-20NTU is ideal. Easy to install, plug and play, robust. Very nice technology!


reverse osmosis



Very sensitive meter to detect impurities in water. Perfect for polisher, Reverse osmosis or COW water. Calibration is usually 0-20NTU. When the contamination reaches 5NTU the flow is diverted to waste. Perfectly hygienic, the meter comes the pipe and is already calibrated on Formazin. High temperature option is available for condensate applications.

  • Absorption Range : 0-10-50-1500 FTU-NTU-g/L-%...(any range available)
  • High temperature option available 300°F  150°C
  • 100°C (212°F)  150°C (300°F) continious with high temperature option
  • LED long life aging auto-compensated
  • 180° light transmission.
  • Power: 24VDC Output : 4-20mA
  • HART protocole
  • seals: EPDM, Viton, Kalrez
  • 1" to 6" pipe diameter available
  • Wavelength infrared (880nm NIR)
  • Auto-cleaning available