resonator bulk measurement
Resonator for cheese installation
Resonator LB571

Resonator LB571

Sensor for online moisture measurement of bulk materials


The LB 571 microwave resonator for online measurement of moisture content in bulk materials is based on the resonance technology. This technique is determined by electromagnetic waves (microwaves) in a dielectric cylindrical resonator.

The sensor with integrated signal processing unit can be used for a wide range of bulk
materials in a moisture range of between 0 and 30 %.
Due to the flexible clamping ring, installation possibilities are manifold.

Resonator for cheese installation

Technical features
■ Microwave moisture measurement
■ Sensor und Electronic are forming an
integral unit
■ 2 Analog outputs direct from sensor
(4...20 mA)
■ 3 digital inputs
■ Selection of calibration data for 4 different
products possible
■ Range: 0...30 % Moisture
■ Penetration depth up to 20 cm / 7.9 in
■ Temperature range: 0...65 °C / 32…149 F

Customer benefits
■ Installation on silo walls, conveyor belts,
shafts / chutes or screw conveyors
■ Online moisture measurement
■ Integrated signal processing
■ Convenient commissioning and calibration
via PC software
■ High operational reliability through robust
■ Continuous monitoring and logging
■ Energy saving therefore costs reduction in
drying processes
■ Accurate material moisture determination
during the process
■ Highest quality and safety in production