COD/BOD Online

COD/BOD Online

  • In dairies the COD is in direct correlation with turbidity.
  • It is then possible to estimate the COD with an online turbidity meter.
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  • Metrohm TOC 7010

    Metrohm 7010 TOC

    Reliable online TOC measurements

    The 7010 TOC Analyser is designed for simple and reliable operation

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  • drain hub turbidity meter submersible for dairies COD estimation online turbidity

    Open pipe installation

    The probe lays in the pipe. When a spill occurs it is automatically detected and recorded.
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  • BOD COD EQ tank COD tank triage suspended solids and turbidity measurement

    Turbidity COD online

    Placed before the discharge valve the sensor will divert the product back in the COD/BOD tank in case of high load.
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