About us

Milktronics is a company specialized in online hygienic turbidity and refract meters, CIP Improvements, pressure transmitters for food and beverages, Pulp and paper industries, sugar factories, syrup, cosmetics, waste water. We are committed to helping our customers optimize their process while reducing operating costs by offering sensors with new technology using optical measurement. Distributor USA for Satron inst, Schmidt-Haensch, Hydramotion, LaMotte inst
Worldwide experience on Technical Instrumentation.:
A few applications:

  • CIP improvement /water consumption reduction
  • Turbidity / absorption NIR with automatic air cleaning
  • Ultra Filtration turbidity monitoring
  • Polisher Permeate turbidity monitoring 5 NTU
  • Clarifier turbidity monitoring
  • Soft drinks consistency
  • COW Water turbidity monitoring
  • Drain CIP, 100% Water Proof Meter
  • Chill Water turbidity monitoring
  • Clean in Place (CIP) Applications
  • Colorimeter Measurements with absorption meter
  • Blancher Make-up Turbidity Water Monitoring
  • Dissolved Organic Carbon monitoring
  • % solids monitoring
  • Fruit Juice Consistency
  • Wine processing
  • Distilled spirit applications
  • Centrifugal (Centrifuge) Separation
  • Wastewater COD Reduction
  • Tangential Flow Filtration
  • Heat Exchanger Leak - Carryover Detection (Oil In Water)

Our team

  • Andrea Dehec

    President 25 years experience Sales Marketing Administrator Languages: English (native), French (fluent) Office: 352-508-1296 Cell:    352-602-6404

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  • Sylvain Dehec

    Technical Director 20 years experience in instrumentation Languages: French (native), English (fluent) Applications specialist Technology specialist Technical support by phone and on-site Office: 352-508-1296 Cell: 678-619-9278

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