I am pleased to mention our success with the Satron Turbidity instruments that we have received from Milktronics. The first sensor we installed  has already saved over 100,000 confirmed in its year of service. I have not had to touch it since its installation and it still reads as precise as the day I set it up. We have installed them in enough places in the plant to justify setting them as a permanent stock item at our Gooding facility and have set it as a Glanbia Idaho wide standard for turbidity measurement. We are currently having success in our use of this meter on our clarifiers and it is in testing phase on our most important lines in the plant. The sensor is very simple to operate and set up and I am finding new ways to customize it to my benefit with every new project.  I look forward to the continued excellent product support that Sylvain and his team provide and am excited to see just how much more this can save me and improve our processes.

Chris Lee, Controls Engineer II, Glanbia Foods, Gooding, ID 83330

We have been very satisfied with the Satron turbidity analyzer that we bought from Milktronics.  Prior to this we had been using an older instrument that was very large, expensive, and required a lot of maintenance and as a result had significant downtime.  The Satron instrument was installed easily, and since then has performed flawlessly.  We have not been required to make any adjustments to it, nor have we had to service the unit in the nine months it has been operational.

We are also grateful to the exceptional service provided by Milktronics since the purchase – during the course of using this new analyzer, we had some questions initially about installation then about regular use.  Sylvain has been an exceptional help with everything we have needed – going above and beyond what normal service providers will do.  We look forward to continued business with Milktronics and to installing more excellent Satron instruments in our plant.

Barry Cantin, Analyzer Engineer, Monsanto Luling Plant, Luling, LA 70070

These are great instruments supported by great service.

Kirt Johnson, Process control manager

Equipment can come preconfigured, pre-wired, and ready for plug and play applications. Great service and support.

Jordan Vande Brake, Separators, Inc.