Berthold microwave
Microwave installation
Hygienic flowcell with tri-clamps
Hygienic flow cell LB 5660

Hygienic flow cell LB 5660

Microwave meter for food and beverage industries, Moisture control in cream cheese, mascarpone, mozarella.


Ideal to measure total solids on a pipe up to 4" diameter.

The microwave meter will measure Total Solids in real time without any components disctinction.

CIP able

Hygienic design with EHEDG certification

Applications examples:

-Moisture ratio in thick products such as cream cheese, mascarpone, mozarella, ricotta or butter

-Fruit juice total solids / Brix

-Beer total solids / Brix

-Wastewater (primary clarifier pumping, thickening process, Digester, Sludge dewatering, Dry cake optimization)

Pipe diameters : 2", 3", 4", available with tri-clamps

Temperature product: 32-280F

Ambiant temperature -20...160F

Pressure up to 16 bars (235 PSI)