pH turbidity spool piece
3900VP emerson
pasve turbidity pH
Turbidity meter retractable with remote electronics
Rosemount 1056
UR 62 maselli refractometer
Turbidity pH refract measurement combo

Turbidity pH refract measurement combo

Turbidity and pH combo spool piece. Perfect solution for waste water management. Plug and play.


Composition of the set:

-Turbidity meter with retractable option Model: Satron VOMNJ221NRT427B1 Retractable turbidity meter

-pH probe model Emerson 3900VP pH 3900 VP

-pH transmitter Emerson Model 1056 1056 Information

-pH service valve for easy retraction of the pH probe Model PASVE PASVE information

-Maselli Refractometer UR62 Maselli UR-62

-Spool piece pie Stainless steel 304 0r 316L

-Flange size depends on pipe diameter

-Flange material is PVC for PVC pipe installation

-Flange Material is SST for STT pipe installation

The spool piece fits on any PVC or Stainless steel pipe. Both measurement have a remote display, powered with 24VDC and have a 4-20mA output.

The calibrations are usually as such:

-turbidity 4mA= water, 20mA = full product (customizable)

-pH 4ma=1pH, 20mA=14pH (customizable)

Both measurement can be replaced by a refractometer for Brix measurement.