Turbidity Products


Satron instrument Optical analyzer for real-time analysis of waste channels

Water consumption reduction is a crucial application nowadays.

Measuring during the start and end of CIP cycles will provide real-time information on the amount of milk and water currently in the process, which avoids wasting materials and time, by using a single sensor.

Analyzing waste-water gives important information about efficiency in the dairy, and can alert clients of possible problems, and prompt a fast response. With the Satron optical analyzer, waste and effluent channels can be analyzed in real-time.

Other dairy applications include milk fat and milk solids monitoring, interface detection, precise leak, and carry over detection in heat exchangers and evaporators.

Trace contamination in HX cooling lines and cold water reclaim lines can also be detected. Further applications of the Satron optical analyzer include CIP return and monitoring, separator control monitoring, and waste-water process controls.

SATRON VO turbidity and solids content analyzer is suitable for the measurement of different liquids. Savings can be obtained by using SATRON VO analyzer in process industries, e.g. the use of clean water can be minimized, the time used for the cleaning (CIP) will be shortened, the use of the end product (in dairy applications: milk) and the use of cleaning materials needed in the process can be optimized. The transmitter communicates digitally using the HART® protocol.