turbidity meter satron
Moisture analyzer for milk puddings
Satron VOA alternative

Satron VOA alternative

Perfect to monitor moisture in thick products like puddings or process cheese.

Comes with a tri-clamp or welded a process fitting.

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The VOA is a dual wavelengths online moisture analyzer. It uses a 640nm LED joined with a IR+ LED.

The 640nm LED works well from 0% to 85% product and the IR+ works very well from 85% to 100% product.

Technical features:

Power: 24VDC

Output : 4-20mA (I/o Link available)

Process temperature: 212F with normal option and 350F with high temperature option

Process connection: tri-clamp, flange, Welded coupling (recommended for stiscky products)

Applications: Yogurt moisture, Quarks, Protein in greek, Cream FAT %, Skim milk FAT %, Process cheese Moisture.

Where to install the meter:

-cream/skim Separator discharge

-yogurt or pudding packing machine

-protein separator

Hygienic certificates: EHEDG, 3A, FDA on seals

Electrical certificates: SGS UL, CE