Conductivity probe rosemount 226 with transmitter 56 or 1056
Toroidal Rosemount 226 conductivity probe

Toroidal Rosemount 226 conductivity probe

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Rosemount Analytical toroidal conductivity sensors are ideal for use in corrosive liquids or in liquids containing high levels of suspended solids that would otherwise corrode or foul metal-electrode sensors. Toroidal conductivity sensors are also well-suited for measuring highly conductive electrolyte solutions.

Toroidal sensors work well in highly conductive liquids, up to about 2 S/cm (2,000,000 uS/cm). Performance in low conductivity samples is somewhat limited, with the minimum conductivity depending on the dimensions of the toroids, the number of windings in each, and the analyzer. When used with the Model 1056 and 56 analyzer the limits are 15 uS/cm for the 228 sensor and 5 uS/cm for the 226 sensor. When used with other instruments, the limits are 200 uS/cm for the 228 sensor, and 50 uS/cm for the 226 sensor.