Low Range VOF

Low Range VOF NIR

  • First rinse stop, Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis RO monitoring, COW water, polisher, permeate, condensate, water impurities, COD, waste water, Color, protein level, lactoferin.
  • Features:
    • Stainless Steel Aisi316L
    • Compact size
    • Hart protocol
    • Backlight LCD display
    • 4 push-buttons to control all settings
    • 2 mA loops
    • Galvanic isolated relays and mA loop # 2
    • Free configurable binary in and outputs
    • USB port
    • Fast and accurate sampling rate,
    • 2 temperature measurements
    • Real time clock
    • Save calibrations to/from PC
    • Download new firmware from internet
    • Memory chip 
  • Range: 0-20-100-1500NTU/FTU, 0-100%, g/L, ppm, 4 recipes up to 16 calibration points each.
  • Light source UV 365nm, Blue 460nm, NIR 880nm Long life
  • Process fitting: all available including Aseptic
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