Online turbidity meter Milk whey dairy
Plug and play online turbidity meter for dairies
VOM 0-300000NTU Turbidity meter Tri-clamp

VOM 0-300000NTU Turbidity meter Tri-clamp

Plug and plays turbidity meter with built- tri-clamp and display.

Perfect for dairies, breweries, cheese plants etc…


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Phase transition detection turbidity sensor with local display and built-in tri-clamp

Suspended solids monitoring

Designed for CIP/SIP. Perfect for all industries.

    • Power: 24VDC
    • Range 0-300000 NTU
    • Deviation 0.1%
    • LED long life
    • No drift possible, no re-calibration, electronics aging compensated.
    • All process fittings available
    • Tri-clamp 1.5", 2", 2.5"
    • Aseptic option available
    • Process temperature : 220 F continuous
    • Process temperature: 300 F continuous (with high temperature option)
    • HART protocol
    • Output (1) 4-20mA Turbidity / suspended solids
    • Output (2) 4-20mA Temperature
    • Seals choice: EPDM, Viton, Kalrez
    • Wetted parts choice : Aisi316L (standard), HAST, Titanium, Duplex
    • Automatic cleaning available
    • 3A, EHEDG, UL, FDA, CE certificates available
  • Applications food and beverages
    • CIP improvement
    • product to water to product interphase detection
    • color changes in thick product
    • HTST improvement
    • FAT monitoring
    • COD estimation