High temperature turbidity meter with remote electronics
VOM 3-A milktronics turbidity meter
Online turbidity meter Aseptic processes High temperature process

Online turbidity meter Aseptic processes High temperature process

Perfect sensor for phase transition in dairies. Designed for wet environment and high temperature processes during SIP or CIP.

Turbidity range 0-300000NTU, Milk, cream, skim, whey, juice, beer, fruit, white mass.


Online robust turbidity sensor for aseptic processes.

  • High temperature turbidity, remote electronics, water product changeover
  • CIP, HTST improvements, silo to silo, separator, FAT monitoring, Moisture control
  • Deviation: 0,1%,
  • 300F process continious, 360F for 20 minutes
  • Probe seal : kalrez as a standard
  • Sapphire lens
  • Process fitting: Tri-clamp 1.5", 2",2.5",3" or flange or welded coupling
  • Cable : 33ft PVC
  • Extended history is available via a USB port.
  • HART available
  • Power 24VDC, Output (1) 4-20mA (turbidity), Output (2) 4-20mA (temperature)

Easy to install, the meter will read 50 times / seconds the product consistency. When the change happens (water to product to water) the detection is done instantly. The meter has a 4-20mA output easily calibrated and connects to any automation or PLC. Plug and play sensor , robust and affordable for any budgets...

Manufacturer : Satron INC Tampere

Recommended ordering code : VOM HJ223NRT417TB

Additional information

TRI-clamp size

1.5", 2"

Cable length

10 feet, 20 feet

Process temperature

300 F continuous