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Maselli UR24

Maselli UR24

Online UR24 Refractometer for BRIX measurement 3A certified



Application: Measurement of liquid products in process lines in Food, Chemicals, Textiles, Petrochemical
industries, etc. in continuous or batch plants.
Measurement type: Continuous refractometric measurement of Refraction Index and display in “BRIX” or “USER” scale of relative concentration, with automatic temperature compensation

The UR24 digital refractometer is a stand-alone unit designed for simple installation in-line or in a tank or vessel. It continuously measures concentration and displays and outputs the result in Brix or nD or % concentration with high accuracy. It also features a user programmable scale for specific applications.

Exists with 3A certificates for food industries

Measurements limits: Prism in Sapphire: 1.3170...1.5318 nD (0...95 Brix)
Prism in Sapphire LR: 1.3170…1.4030 nD (0…40 Brix)
Accuracy: With reference to standard sucrose solutions:
Standard Accuracy version:
0.5% of Scale Range; maximum accuracy ±0.0002 nD (±0.15 Brix).
High Accuracy version (HA):
0.3% of Scale Range; maximum accuracy ±0.00007 nD (±0.05 Brix)
Super Accuracy version (SA):
0.1% of Scale Range; accuracy ±0.00003 nD (±0.02 Brix) valid for maximum product and/or ambient temperature variations of ±10 °C (±18 °F)
Measurement scales: “BRIX” or “USER”; the “BRIX” scale refers to the nD/Bx ICUMSA (1974) conversion tables; the “USER” scale can be configured at the time of the order
Response time: 1.8 seconds
Product temperature during measuring: -5 °C...+105 °C with automatic compensation of temperature measured by Pt100. Special version for temperatures up to 140 °C
Maximum temperature during sanitization: 125 °C (257 °F) x 30 min or 145 °C (293 °F) x 30 min for the “LP” version
Response time to variations in temperature: 2’/10 °C (18 °F).
Relative Line Pressure:
max. 10 bar (145 psi) at 20 °C (68 °F)
max. 8 bar (116 psi) at 100 °C (212 °F)
Special configuration for pressures till 25 bar (362 psi) at 100 °C (212 °F)

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Standard Accuracy ±0.15Brix, High accuracy ±0.05Brix, Super Accuracy ±0.02Brix

Prism Material


Brix Range

0-40 Brix

Process temperature




Seals material

3A seals

Process connection

3" tri-clamp