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Real Tech BOD COD sensors

Real Tech BOD COD sensors

BOD COD measurement with a UV254nm Probe




• Affordable real-time BOD/COD organics monitoring
• Multiple wavelength sensor uses patent-pending technology for superior measurement performance
• Robust submersible probe with titanium or stainless steel housing
• Operator friendly, low maintenance UV LED design
• Reagent free optical measurements
• Simple to install and operate

Real Tech’s robust BOD/COD submersible probe provides affordable real-time measurement of organic matter in water or wastewater. The probes rugged body is built to withstand harsh environments, with titanium or stainless steel options.
Designed to meet the needs of many monitoring applications, the BA series offers multiple path length selections for the desired measurement range.
Controllers and Accessories
Our innovative modular product platform ensures our clients gain the real-time water quality monitoring system that meets their specific demands and budget. With multiple controller and accessory options available such as automatic compressed air cleaning systems that lower maintenance while improving system performance, Real Tech provides a total solution for all of your unique water quality needs.
Liquid Ai Compatible
Our Liquid Ai data services complement our real-time quality monitoring systems. Calibration Health Monitoring ensures accuracy and reliability are maintained so our clients can have the utmost confidence in their results, while our Remote Monitoring platform enables access to data anywhere, anytime.

Real Tech’s BOD/COD probe utilizes patent-pending technology to provide superior measurement performance across multiple wavelengths of light using UV LEDs. Many
compounds absorb light in the UV-VIS spectrum including organic compounds. The sensor measures organics in a multi-dimensional way that results in improved correlations
to aggregate organics water quality parameters, such as BOD and COD. This also allows the sensor to be able to detect changes in the composition of organics independently
of their concentration. Real Tech’s innovative BOD/COD probe is advancing wastewater management.

Examples of installations:

stream installation BOD


Ideal for open channel applications, Real Tech’s BOD/COD probe is a submersible instrument installed directly in-situ. The BOD/COD probe must be connected to a Real Tech controller for operation.


  • Real Controller
    For affordable, user friendly operation and control
  • Probe Clean System
    For low maintenance automatic cleaning
  • Mounting Kit
    For secure mounting to a tank or open channel wall, or railing
  • BOD/COD Probe
    For real-time BOD/COD continuous measurement

Multiple sensors can be added to Real Tech’s controllers to expand water quality monitoring capabilities.

Simple to install, easy to operate, no reagents and no waiting for lab results.