Transmitter Rosemount model 56-02-20-38-HT

Transmitter Rosemount model 56-02-20-38-HT

Model 56 datasheet



Independent Dual Input Measurements
 Expandable to two channels of liquid analytical
measurements: pH/ORP, Conductivity, Free Chlorine, Total
Chlorine, Dissolved Oxygen, Ozone, and Turbidity.
 Modular boards with auto-recognition of sensor board.
 Large, easy to read, user customizable screen that displays
two measurements in addition to diagnostic and temperature
Reduced Installation and Maintenance Time
 Do more using a powerful device with data logging capability
and PID control.
 Shorter installation times using Quick Start programming at
initial install or after factory reset.
 Effortlessly connect with PLCs and DCS' by choosing the HART
or Profibus DP communication options and manage devices
using AMS/475 Communicators.
 Display measurements, configure alarms, and conduct
maintenance with a graphical local operator interface.
Accurate, Linear, and Reliable Measurements of
Analytical Sensors
 Faster calibration of pH sensors using auto pH Buffer solution
 Linear conductivity measurements with on-board
concentration curves for common acids and bases
 Built-in features to easily display accurate amperometric and
turbidity measurements.

Code : 56-02-20-38-HT