turbidity truck intake and outake protein count
turbidity truck intake and outake protein count
Truck intake/outtake

Truck intake/outtake

Truck intake and outtake. Replace timers by online turbidity sensors.



Perfect sensor for phase transition in dairies. Designed for wet environment and high temperature processes during SIP or CIP.

  • Integrated display
  • Tri-clamp 1.5",2",2.5", welded coupling or flange
  • Process ; 100C (212F) continious, 120C (240F) for 30 minutes
  • Turbidity range 0-25000NTU
  • Sapphire lens
  • EPDM o-rings or Kalrez or Vitton
  • power 24vdc M12 connectors
  • Output (1) 4-20mA, Output (2) 4-20mA temperature
  • HART compatible
  • Extended history

The meter is placed right before the storage tank and the drain valve. When the product turns into water the meter sends a signal to open the drain valve or shut the pump. Savings are made on water, COD, time and energy.