MOdel 56 1056 rosemount conductivity probe transmitter 225 toroidal CIP chemicals
Toroidal 225 Rosemount probe

Toroidal 225 Rosemount probe

Toroidal 225 Rosemount conductivity probe. Perfect for CIP in food and beverage industries.

Toroidal 225 datasheet



Meet Various Sanitary Requirements
-USP Class VI compliant
-FDA food contact 21CFR177.2415 compliant
-3-A Sanitary Standard 74-06 compliant
Ease of Installation
- 2 inch tri-clamp process connection
- Installation flexibility with maximum cable lengths up to 200 ft (61 m) between sensor and transmitter when paired with remote junction box (sold separately)

High performance and Reliability
- Robust measurements - insensitive to process flow and direction
- Meet application compatibility requirements with a selection of chemical resistant body options including PEEK and Tefze

Code: 225-03-56