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pH service valve

PASVE® pH is a mounting/service valve for pH sensors. It can be used with practically all pH sensors in this size category. PASVE® pH allows the cleaning and calibration of pH sensors without stopping the process. ... PASVE® pH is available in a manually operated type or equipped with a pneumatic or electric actuator. The service valve (PASVE)…
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Real Time Brix meter for drains

Easy to install this BRIX meter will give you a real time sugar percentage. It can be placed directly into a lift station or a drain. The output sends a continuous signal to the PLC, when the sugar load gets too high then the flow can be diverted. Please contact us for more information or…
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Online turbidity meter

Perfect for dairy industries. CIP, phase transition, cream FAT measurement. The meter is 3A and EHEDG certified. Local or remote display available. Easy installation with tri-clamp, powered with 24VDC. 4-20mA output, I/O link available. water proof version available for drain installation. Please contact us for more information or visit or site
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