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Lactoscan MCC Combo

   CV%Number of cell /ml100 000 5 400 000 3 600 000 2 Type: Somatic Cells Counter & Ultrasonic milk analyzer Dimensions (HхWхL): 39 cm х 30 cm х 26 cm Weight: 6.000 kg Working power: 100-230 VAC, 2.5A, 120V Frequency: 50/60 Hz Power supply: 12 VDC, 5A, 60W Working place: Inside only! Working temperature: 15-35 ⁰С…
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Online suspended solids meter

Hygienic very low turbidity sensor COW RO color 5 NTU Online suspended solids monitoring with a Satron VOD meter. Many wavelengths available depending of the application. UV available. High temperature available. LED long life technology, 100% Stainless Steel 316L, No plastic.
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Online outside waste water monitoring

Waste water monitoring: The meter is placed into a pond or a lift station, when a spill from the plant occurs the meter detects it instantly and sends a signal to the plant. Water will be consider clean and show 0NTU whereas a spill will show 20000NTU for skim milk as an example. The ROI…
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